Air Gun Licencing Scotland

Want to know more about the changes in the law in regard to Air Rifles in Scotland. We have an easy to read PDF on all your Q&A about Airgun licencing in Scotland.

Rewilding Debate - GWCT 

Background Information into our rewilding podcast that we recorded at the Scottish Game Fair

Pace Brothers Recommended Product List

On this December special show, we bring you products that either Darryl or Byron use or have used! We talk about hunting gear, knives, Food, Camping Gear, the latest thermal imaging and hunting watch, books and we even recommend other podcasts to get listening to.

Avian Influenza

If you keep poultry, you should keep a close watch on them for signs of disease, and maintain high levels of biosecurity at all times. If you have any concerns about the health of your poultry, seek prompt advice from your vet. Sign up to our Alerts Service to keep up to date with the latest news.