Free hunting for everyone? Let's get ''killing''...

June 15, 2017


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We are back for a panel debate recorded live at the Northern shooting show, but with a whole host of new topics and guests. We talk on an array of topics including our connection with food in the modern world, the affordability of hunting, collaborative working between organisations and how it can be better, why it’s important to join an organisation, hunting abroad and our responsibility, as well as why hunters should embrace initiatives which have no direct personal benefit from a hunting stand point.


All that and more for a jam packed podcast with no less than five guests. The guests included Rory Kennedy, chairman of SACS, Julia Stoddart head of policy at the Scottish Association for Country Sports, Kyriacos Kythreotis owner of Athina Sporting, Duncan Thomas regional officer for BASC, and Dave Ewing from Firearms UK.


Of course there is a new prize to win to in the form of a Caldwell Shooting rest which we will be giving away at the GWCT game Fair the first weekend in July. Listen in to enter. This podcast is supported by the Scottish Association for Countrysports 



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