Davey Hughes: The Swazi Man

May 1, 2017

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By the time I met Davey Hughes, his legend had well and truly proceeded him. Born a Scot, but very much the Kiwi, he is a man who says things as they are.


We first crossed paths in Sweden, and that expedition can be found on episode #34 of the podcast. One of our most popular and recorded with all the creaks and groans of a remote log cabin in the depths of the Arctic circle. Not only did I have the pleasure of getting to know Davey a little, it was under the circumstances, cold and hungry, where you really get to know who a person is. More than that, everyone was kitted out head to toe, hat to jocks, in Swazi gear; a company started by Davey himself, and going from strength to strength.


We met up again in IWA Germany, having the chance to record this podcasts, and a chance to dig a little deeper into who he is, and how Swazi began.


"He’s hunted Caribou in the Arctic Circle, grizzlies in Alaska and buffalo in Tanzania. He’s the bane of New Zealand Customs officials’ lives, has run the gruelling Coast to Coast adventure race 3 times in the past 4 years, and is the man behind the highly-successful Swazi outdoor clothing label; he’s a passionate conservationist and he sure knows how to spin a yarn or two."


"Davey Hughes – aka the Swazi Man – is many things, but one thing he’s most certainly not is conventional.As a kid growing up in Wainuiomata, he spent the weekends in the hills going after pigs and possums. But there’s more to the Swazi Man than hunting and a taste for adventure. He has built an outdoor clothing company on the proudly made-in-New Zealand ‘Swazi’ brand; and he wants to get more kids into our back-country having the roughing-it adventures that kick-started his remarkable life."


Right now there is a chance to win a Swazi jacket from the man himself. Simply subscribe to our website HERE and look at the bottom of the page.


For more on Swazi visit www.swazi.co.nz



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