Pedro De Ampuero: Mr KUIU

May 1, 2017

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If there is a person right now who makes me more jealous of his adventures than any other right now, its Pedro Ampuero. I am convinced he hunts 366 days of the year, but he insists that isn't true and from time to time he also works.


Previously a mechanical engineer, now he is the face behind KUIU clothing in Europe, in charge of marketing and testing. In this show we get to find out a little bit more about his background, recent and up coming hunts, and what he learnt from an old time poacher in Africa. We also talk a little on training for the mountains, what it feels like to be under prepared, and how to carry load.


If that's not enough, we take a walk through around the IWA Outdoor Classic, where this was recorded, stopping by Bushnell, Rigby, Mauser, Aimpoint to mention just a few.


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