To Kill a Woodcock

December 20, 2017




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Woodcock arouse a stirring emotion, probably more than any other on the game species list in the UK. This season we have seen the request for voluntary restraint on bag numbers due to the monitored population dynamics. This comes as a protective measure for future breeding populations, but many people say they are seeing more on their ground than in years gone by. So what is the reality and what do we know? We as hunters have a responsibility to educate ourselves on the wild species we hunt to ensure an understanding of our impact. To not do so is both ignorant and shows a lack of concern for ethical sustainable hunting. This podcast will enlighten you as to what we know at this point in time, as we hear from woodcock ringer and hunter Owen Williams, and Andrew Hoodless from the GWCT.


Importantly, as you will hear, almost all the research into the species has been funded by hunters. No other group of people are more concerned with woodcock than the people who hunt them. We need to ensure we maintain the balance as protector and hunter of  this magical bird.






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