The Modern Huntsman

October 20, 2017



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This podcast came about after getting a message from Tyler from Modern Huntsman. We had watched and followed their instagram account with much interest, sharing wonderful imagery and messages. It wasn't until the release of their short video, did we truly understand what they were trying to achieve. You can see this below. Very much sharing the same ethos and thinking as we have been bringing our listens over the last two years on this podcast, the good folks behind Modern Huntsman want to re-shape the hunting narrative for the modern world. Their starting place, the launch of a new, forward thinking print publication. You can check out their website and kickstarter at . This is what they have to say:


"Born out of frustration with the way hunting is often mis-represented today, this publication will be told from the perspective of hunting purists and philosophers, unaltered by the skews of mainstream media, misinformed emotional rants, and corporate interests. In short, we'll be returning to the root traditions, in hopes of improving the perception of hunting in our modern society."






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