Sean Conway: Man, Myth, Legend.

March 29, 2017

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Not only does he have an awesome beard (#findyourbeard), Sean Conway is the man we all wish we could be. Selling his photography business to his partner for a pound, he embarked on a lifetime of adventure and record breaking journeys.


Amongst his achievements, he has completed the worlds longest continuous triathlon, became the first person to swim the full length of Britain, and in 2012 attempted a solo world record to cycle around the world. Add to this the many adventures I haven't mentioned, and the fact he climbed Kilimanjaro in a penguin suit for charity, and you get some measure of his character.


We were lucky enough to get some time with Sean on the podcast last year, for an in depth interview into his mind set and view on life. It is an inspiring listen that may very well make you evaluate your own life. If nothing else, he is a man who loves Land Rovers, so that is a good enough reason to tune in. Click any of the logos above to listen on the platform of your choosing. If you want to see Sean during the interview have a look at youtube.


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