The End of an Era: Scotland loses an icon

March 20, 2017




The Demise of Loch Maree

Commisoned by Salmon and Trout Conservation Scotland


What has occurred across the west coast of Scotland over the last few decades is nothing short of a travesty. We have been responsible for the systematic demise of a great natural resource, decimating the wild populations of salmon and sea-trout in order to support big business in farmed salmon. In the case of the river Ewe and Loch Maree system, the installation of a fish farm in Loch Ewe correlated  with the decline of what was once the worlds premier destination for sea-trout in the world. Not only have we lost the sea-trout, but almost all the jobs its supported.


What should be clear form the outset is that this is not a campaign to remove aquaculture from the west coast of Scotland. Far from it. This is a call for more responsibility when it comes to the consequences of our actions. We only need to move fish farms to locations which have less impact on our wild fish stocks, or move to a closed containment system. 


The film above explains this particular case, and why the proliferation of sea lice in and around fish farms has such a profound impact on sea-trout. 


If you want to hear more about wild fish populations in Scotland join the debate on podcast episode #7:


This week we go all aquatic, looking at inland water ways. We talk about migratory fish, fresh water mussles, beavers, predation including seals and dolphins, as well as trying to explain the Wild Fisheries review. Joined by Marshall Halliday and Tom Sampson from the Esk Rivers and Fisheries Trust, this insightful discussion is as relevant to those who enjoy fishing as to those people who enjoy a walk along the river. This Podcast is supported by  Scottish Association for Country Sports Links


 Download podcast #7 on Wild fisheries by clicking the relevant app below and locate the episode:


























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