Scotland's Hare Slaughter? What is really happening?

March 17, 2017



The Untold Story - Mountain Hare


This film was produced for the Angus and Grampian Moorland group to help people understand what is really happening on our moors, and provide reasoned and balanced debate for the actions taken.


In Scotland particularly we see a large distortion of the truth when it comes to moorland management. Be it the wide brush approach by those opposed to active management, which often states birds of prey are massacred whole sale, or the general ignorance of the public towards the activities across our land, it is the job of land owners and practitioners to help dispel the myths, open the doors and explain to everyone why we do what we do. 


I think most of what needs to be said and explained is within this film, so I encourage everyone to watch. 


If you want to hear more on the topic and more general moorland management, download the podcast with Andrew Gilruth from the GWCT for free here:





Download podcast #36 Andrew Gilruth here:














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