Podcast: Recommended Hunting Kit

December 2, 2016


We have had many people asking what kit we use, so we recorded a whole podcast dedicated to this for Christmas 2016. This is a very rough blog post taken from our show notes, so if you want the full show talking about the products, download our podcast or watch it on Youtube. Below is the list of hunting and adventuring gear we can’t go without as well as some cool new gadgets.


Download and listen to Podcast - Into The Wilderness show #37 Recommended Products & Things For Life (Or Christmas), Hunting Gear, Camping Kit, Knives, Thermal Imaging, Watches, Books and Podcasts.


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Disclaimer- We have not been paid to talk about or advertise any of these products this is our own opinions.




On this December special show, we bring you products that either Darryl or Byron use or have used! We talk about hunting gear, knives, food, camping gear, the latest thermal imaging and hunting watch, books and we even recommend other podcasts to get listening to.


Contact the show podcast@paceproductionsuk.com


This show is brought to you by The Scottish Association For Country Sports


Our recommended products - click below:


Sunnto Watch


Fortis Clothing

Very Warm Jacket



Thermal Imaging

Compact Pro


Real Food







Swazi Cloths



Gerber Multitool


Recommended books

What IF


Aldo Leopold Almanac












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