#151 Science Shorts: Alaska opens hunting for bear cubs and wolf pups in dens.

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

In this episode, I talk with Jess Johnson about the recent headlines seen around the world, highlighting the legislative changes in Alaska which would allow for the hunting of bear cubs and wolf pups in dens. This was obviously met by a widespread outcry against the move. However, as we always try to do on the podcast, I was keen to take a step back and really understand what had happened. The same day the news broke I called Jess to get more information, which sent her down a rabbit warren for an entire week. Normally I would cut these shows down and insert concise summaries, but Jess does such a great job, I have left the show as recorded: the full 30mins around the topic.

Jess is the Legislative Liaison and Advocacy Coordinator at Wyoming Wildlife Federation and also sits on the board for directors for 2% For Conservation. She is my go-to person for policy implications to wildlife in North America, and I am really pleased to have her back on the show.

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Artwork credit: Alaska.gov

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