#149 Behind The Lens: Derek Malou

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Welcome to the into ITW podcast, and our monthly series Behind The Lens, where I speak to photographers, filmmakers and creatives from around the world about breathtaking imagery and film, and the stories behind them. In keeping with the nature of this podcast, much of these conversations are focused around the intersection between wildlife and humans, but occasionally we will expand outside this realm looking at expeditions, human conflict, and social struggle. In this show, I speak to Derek Malou. His work has captivated me for quite some time and as someone who enjoys country pursuits, much of his imagery is focused on the natural world, with an incredible eye for colour, composition and design.

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You can find him @D_malou on Instagram and the images we talk about in this show on my account, @byronjpace.

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