#133 Dr Rebecca Wade on rivers, naturalisation, conservation, ecosystem services & Antarctica

We deep drive into fluvial systems, naturalisation, integrated catchment management and all things related to the conservation of our waterways. I am joined by Dr Rebecca Wade, senior lecturer in environmental sciences at Abertay University. We hear about her journey in the sciences and work in North America, and how knowledge in urban restoration is being applied to rural rivers systems here in Scotland. We cover the importance of nature and the great outdoors for our health, green prescriptions, the expeditions of Captain Scott, and Rebecca's own upcoming adventure to Antarctica.

NYC Water catchment: whole catchment approach. Protect the hinterland, save money for the city: New York New York… This article focuses on the urban-rural partnership between NYC and the Catskill Mountains. A catchment-scale approach recognising the water-derived ecosystem services the city imports from its upstream catchment http://www.ourwatercommons.org/sites/default/files/New-York-preserving-the-pristine-quality-of-its-drinking-water.pdf

A new Scottish health project aims to tackle potential harm caused to the environment by pharmaceuticals: www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-51007527

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