#116 Arabia with Levison Wood, Early Life, Traveling The World, Human Conflicts

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

We travel to Discovery Channel HQ to interview explorer Levison Wood on this weeks show. Digging into his early life and military career, Levison recounts his adventures over the last decade, including walking the Nile and Himalayas, before giving us an overview of what to expect from his new, up coming series on Discovery: Arabia with Levison wood. Episode 1 airs on the 27th June 9pm Discovery Channel. His incredible adventure begins with the bullets flying. It's a story of people and culture from a part of the world most people think of as inaccessible.

We also catch up with Tyler Sharp, editor and chief of Modern Huntsman, to get a run down on what to expect in volume three, which is now available for purchase via their website.

Intro: 0-13 Min Tyler Sharp:13 -36 Min Levison wood: 36min - 1hr 30mins

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