An increasingly long time ago, Byron attended Stirling University where he achieved a first class Honours Degree in Economics. He worked as a Finance Analyst for a number of years before later attending Heriot-Watt University to study a Masters of Science in Petroleum Engineering.


His life has included far more than just academic endeavours, swimming competitively until University, taking multiple Scottish titles as well as British National age group gold.


Growing up in the countryside, his inbuilt thirst for adventure saw his Honours degree temporarily postponed to work with EcoDart Ltd designing big game immobilization equipment. He went on to take part in trials and conservation projects across Africa. This included re-collaring of elephants in Kruger National Park, as well as rhino de-horning for anti-poaching measures.


After completing his degree, Byron went on to work for the world’s largest investment company, setting up new offices in India while working between London, Edinburgh and New Delhi.


Unable to restrain his desire to get back to the countryside and adventure, after two years he left, working as a freelance film-maker for the UK's biggest online field sports channels, as well as writing for a number of magazines around the world.


It was during this time he honed his camera skills, finally able to branch out to fulfill a long held desire to start his own company with his brother and make adventure feature films.

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Darryl competed in high-level swimming throughout his teenage years, eventually representing Scotland at an international level. He competed in gruelling open water swimming events such as the ' Tay Bridge to Bridge swim', rugby and shooting.


Upon leaving school Darryl joined the Royal Navy as a Mine Clearance Diver. 


After a year of intensive selections and punishing tests, he 'passed out' as a Clearance Diver, going straight into the 1st Mine Counter Measure Squadron, deployed to the Baltic Sea for 7 months searching for old and new un-exploded ordnance then undertaking a force protection role. This was understandable, a much more hostile environment.  


On returning home from his second deployment, he was posted to Northern Diving group in Faslane, Scotland. The primary role was to support Nuclear submarines in diving work, as well as duty watch for Bomb Disposal across the whole of Scotland. 


Darryl left the Navy in 2014 and moved to Australia with his wife to work as a commercial diver. There he gained valuable experience outside military life, returning to the UK with an even bigger passion for exploring and adventure.  

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